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Following on from completing our training, we are currently building up our hours as clinical supervisors and will be looking to offer counselling supervision in the near future. We use the 7 eyed supervision model - looking at the client, the therapist, the supervisor, the relationships between therapist, client and supervisor, and the wider system.

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SPACES support group
We are therapeutic counsellors that work with adults and young people. Through our experience doing this and our previous jobs within education and family support, we have highlighted a need for communication and emotional support for parents when a relationship breaks down and children are involved. The support group can also prove to be a useful practical and emotional tool for parents who are not at the point of separation but are experiencing difficulties.

We have created a new holistic peer support group called SPACES - Separated Parents and Children Emotional Support group. The sessions will focus on dealing with own emotions, selfcare for self and children, parental alienation, effective communication, strategies and signposting.

Please contact us for further information.

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