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What Our Clients Have Said...

To maintain ethical standards and improve we welcome our clients' feedback. Here are just a few comments from previous clients:  

"Counselling allowed me to

1: Deal with and reflect on past negative experiences

2: Gave me strategies to help with situations.

3. Jess wasn’t afraid to ask probing and hard questions which left me with no hiding place.

4. Was a non judgemental head, with a large set of listening ears"

 Mr N.C. of Wigan

"I found it helpful and comforting to be able to speak to someone about my issues with no judgment and I now feel better able to seek help with my mental health in the future."

Miss F.D. of Manchester

"I am very grateful for
the quick response to my email as I could not have waited three months for an assessment
through self-referral which is what I was offered"

TR of Wigan

"Jess provided a safe space and spoke to me in ways that encouraged me to find my own answers. I definitely had a few 'Eureka' moments!"

Mrs T of Wigan

"Carrie has really helped me understand what anxiety is and helped me to learn how to cope with it as it was something new in my life.  She has helped build my confidence and discover myself again when I felt really lost, confused and down. Overall the best decision I have ever made as Carrie helped me to believe I could start feeling better again when I didn't believe it myself!"

JA of Wigan

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